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Coordination urged on industrial chemicals

By Cherry Thein
July 19 - 25, 2010

CLOSER coordination is needed between chemical technicians and manufacturers to prevent the use of dangerous or fake industrial chemicals, a leading chemical company said last week.

Ms Angkana Kreeratiratanalak, sales and marketing manager for Merck Ltd Thailand, said last month manufacturers needed to be wary when selecting chemicals for their products.

“Nowadays many businesses are branching out into new areas, offering different kinds of products. The most important thing is their products are of a high quality and do not cause health problems,” she said. “Manufacturers need the knowledge to choose the correct chemicals for their goods and should consult with chemists for this.”

U Zaw Moe Aung, general manager of the industrial ingredients division at Yangon-based MY Associates, said the use of quality, standardised raw materials and ingredients was most important in hygiene and food products.

“It is most important to use safe and high-quality chemicals in foodstuffs, cosmetics and medicines because these are used by people every day and could easily have a negative effect on their health [if the wrong chemicals are used],” U Zaw Moe Aung said.

He said companies have a “moral obligation” to manufacture safe products for consumers.

Dr Chit Soe, a consultant physician and rheumatologist at Yangon General Hospital, said the onus was on companies to produce safe products because most consumers don’t have the knowledge to assess if a product will have potential health side effects.

“They won’t know if any of the ingredients were out of date when the product was made, or if a dangerous dye or some other substance like melamine has been used that could potentially be dangerous for their health,” he said.

Nevertheless, customers should do as much research as they can, particularly before buying hygiene or beauty products.
“There are many kinds of products and brands … but customers should be very careful to choose the ones that are suitable for their own body,” he said.