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Warm single-storey house in Thingangyun

UNCOMPLICATED suburban living sums up this single-level house in Thingangyun township. The house is not overly spacious but there is a nice garden and lawn as compensation. more

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Word on the street .....

By Nuam Bawi
(Volume 26, No. 510)

Khin Moh Moh Aye has been working as an actress since 1986 and at the Academy Awards ceremony held on February 6 she won her first award for her supporting role in the film A Myar Hnit Ma Thet Sai Thaw Thu (A Person Unconnected with Anybody), in which she played a greedy widow. Timeout met with her to talk about her latest achievement.

How did you feel winning the Academy Award?

Everybody says that an Academy Award is very difficult to win and we cannot expect too much because things turn out unexpectedly. One of the monks I most revere taught me that there is sadness after happiness and there is happiness after sadness. He said ‘Never be too happy even when you meet with happiness’, which is why I prepared my mind not to expect too much at the Academy Awards. But when I heard the announcer announce that ‘The Supporting Academy Award goes to…,” I only up until that point. It was only when my daughter told me “You got the award, ma ma”, that my senses returned to the ceremony. I was so excited.

In many films the supporting role is often a villainous character. Do you ever worry that people will think you are like this in real life?

I don’t worry about it because whenever we shoot films in other locations or cities people greet us and comment about how good my acting is. If we don’t like somebody then it appears on our face and I haven’t seen that in anyone.

Has winning the award changed anything?

I don’t see any change. Every actor wants to win this award because the government awards it so it is like a touchstone; it is like passing the matriculation exam and getting a degree. I have also received the appreciation of all my brothers and sisters within the acting community. Winning the award I have come to know how much they love me.

What difficulties have you faced in your career?

When I first began filming I really needed clothes because I couldn’t afford good ones for filming, so would have to borrow from my mother and relatives. Sometimes other actresses would support me with clothes. Also I couldn’t hire a make-up artist when we were shooting because I couldn’t cover the expense with what I earned so most of the make-up artists for actresses helped me for free. I have a lot to thank people for.