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Airport ups departure tax, again

By Zaw Win Than
July 11 - 17, 2011

THE private company running Yangon International Airport has again hiked the departure tax for Myanmar travellers, this time from K3000 to US$10.

A spokesperson said the increase came into effect on July 1, and all tickets purchased from this date would include the fee in their price. Passengers who purchased tickets before July 1 would be required to pay the fee at the airport.

“The new airport passenger service charge has changed only for Myanmar passengers, from K3000 to FEC10 or US$10, in order to give passengers better services in the airport,” he said. “Due to this new plan, passengers no longer need to queue for a long time [to pay the departure tax] like before.”

However, passengers who travelled through the airport last week said they noticed no discernable change in service from when the departure tax was only K500. In July 2010, after Asia World took over management of the airport, the departure tax for locals was increased to K3000.

One frequent business traveller said that he “didn’t mind” paying the tax, as it was low relative to the cost of airfares and accommodation. “It would be worth paying if they actually improve airport services,” he said.