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Thuta Swesone winners announced

By Zon Pann Pwint
May 2 - 8, 2011

WINNERS of the 2009 Thuta Swesone Literature Awards were announced on April 20 and an awards presentation held at Traders Hotel on May 1.

“As I am getting old, I feel nostalgic about the loss of my mother, my teachers and my friends. This feeling inspired me to write wistful stories that recount my memories of being together,” said Maung Moe Thu whose book Lwan Taw Mu Pho Sar Ko Si Tae (Composing In Verses Out Of Nostalgia) was awarded the top prize in the “arts” category.

“I did not hold out much hope of getting an award at all,” he added.

Although the competition has 10 awards categories, only seven prizes were given this year because suitable nominees could not be found for the youth literature, international affairs and applied science categories.

Pe Myint won the “reference” category for Sar Oat Kabar (Book World), a compilation of articles about famous writers and books published internationally, the second prize he has one related to his book following his Shwe Amutay Literature Award in 2007 for the article “No studying, no reading and no books”, which is included in Book World

“I am glad to receive an award in appreciation of my book, which I was at great pains to write,” he said.

The Thuta Swesone Literature Awards have been held annually since 2006. The only publicly named judge of the competition is Dr Tin Tun Oo, who owns Swe Sone media group. Winners are awarded a certificate of recognition and K300,000. The Lifetime Achievement award winner is given K600,000.

The winners in full:

Maung Khin Min (Danubyu)

Osaka Eaithe (Osaka Guest)


Maung Moe Thu

Lwan Taw Mu Pho Sar Ko Si Tae(Composing in Verses Out of Nostalgia)


Ko Swe

A Tain Mathi Satkay Walar (The Infinity of the Universe)


Kyi Shonn (Panorama)

Winning by Jack Welch with Suzy Welch


Pe Myint

Sar Oat Kabar (Book World)


Win Htut Zaw

Ni Gone Ma Hote Thaw Ni Gone Tho Yaynan Swan Ein Ei Sein Khaw Hmu Myar (The Challenges of Fossil Energy)

Social economic

U Win Maung (aka Min Yu Wai)

Lifetime Achievement award