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Myanmar feature film bound for Singapore

By Nyein Ei Ei Htwe
Auguet 15 - 21, 2011

THE Myanmar movie Adam yal Eve yal Dattha yal (Adam, Eve and Dattha) will screen in Singapore next month for the first time, pending approval from the diminutive city-state’s censorship board, the film’s producer said last week.

The movie, which attracted big crowds when it played at cinemas in Yangon last month, is scheduled to be shown three times on September 4 at Kreta Ayer Cinema in Singapore’s Chinatown neighbourhood, said Ma Khin Sandar Myint, producer of Heart and Soul film and video production company.

If the screenings attract big audiences, the film will be played in addition theatres in Singapore, she said.

“We shot the movie for DVD, but when we were finished and we were satisfied with the editing, plot and other aspects of the movie, we transferred it to film format so we could show it more widely,” she said.

The movie was shot two years ago by director Wine, and is based on a story written by Pone Nya Khin. The film, described by Ma Khin Sandar Myint as a “simple romance”, stars Pyay Ti Oo, Thet Mon Myint and Sai Sai Kham Leng.

Ma Khin Sandar Myint said that while the movie was showing in Yangon, the Singapore company MSCT offered to arrange a screening in their home country.

“We agreed, but they said they wanted the film to be shown not only for Myanmar people staying in Singapore but also for Singaporeans,” she said, adding that the movie has been subtitled in English to facilitate overseas screenings.

Adam, Eve and Dattha will be the first movie by Wine to be shown outside of Myanmar, but the director admitted he was not fully satisfied by the prospect.

“We originally talked about showing my movie Lat Pan in Singapore, but that film was postponed because the producer absconded, so it’s not ready to be screened yet,” Wine said.

“I think Adam, Eve and Dattha isn’t the best film to be shown overseas because it’s just a simple romance, but I’m not worried because we tried our best to make a good movie.”