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Former National Literary Award winner passes away

By May Sandy
Volume 31, No. 606
December 19 - 25, 2011

NATIONAL Literary Award-winning writer Saw Mon Nyin passed away on December 12, at her home on U Wisara Road in Yangon. She was 92 years old.

One of Saw Mon Nyin’s family members said the writer spent a month in SSC hospital with heart problems in 2008, after which she had regular medical checkups at Mahar Myaing private clinic.

“We thought she would be around longer because she was very eager to have a long life,” Saw Mon Nyin’s niece, Daw Nyo Nyo Thaw, told The Myanmar Times. “But she died peacefully, without much suffering.”

Saw Mon Nyin, whose real name was Daw Yin Yin, was born in the town of Moe Meik in northern Shan State in 1919.

She started using her pen name Saw Mon Nyin at the age of 17.

He first article was about gambling, written when she was in eighth standard. It appeared in Yadanar Thiha journal, published by former Shan chief So Bwa Gyi Saw On Kyar.

Saw Mon Nyin’s book Myanmar Women’s Clothing and Hairstyles won the National Literary Award in 1989.

In 2000 she was given a Southeast Asia Literary Award, and in 2005 she was honoured with a Lifetime National Literary Award.

Saw Mon Nyin’s last book, an autobiography titled Saw Mon Nyin Ei Saw Mon Nyin (Saw Mon Nyin on Saw Mon Nyin) was published in 2004.

Saw Mon Nyin’s passion for literature and music was admired by many writers. She was also actively involved in women’s issues, serving as the cultural adviser for the Myanmar Women’s Affairs Association.

Writer Lae Twin Thar Saw Chit, who is also chairman of the Myanmar Writers and Journalists Association, described Saw Mon Nyin’s death as a “great loss”.

“On behalf of the Myanmar Writers and Journalists Association, I offer my deepest condolence over her death,” he said. “She dedicated her life to arts and literature.”

“I met Saw Mon Nyin at many seminars,” he added. “She was not only a good writer but also a very good speaker, making very interesting and amusing speeches to youths about culture and patriotism.”

A funeral ceremony for Saw Mon Nyin was held at Yay Way Crematorium on December 14.