Mizzima preparing to open Yangon branch office

By Kyaw Hsu Mon
Volume 31, No. 613
February 6 - 12, 2012

NEW Delhi-based Mizzima News Agency is preparing to establish a branch office in Yangon, editor-in-chief U Soe Myint revealed last week, in what would be an historic return to the country for the exile media group.

“We’re ready to set up our office in Yangon. If the government allowed us we could open it straight away and we have a strong belief that the government will allow us to do it,” he told The Myanmar Times on January 29.

“We’re in discussion with an official from the government and I’m optimistic” that Mizzima will be given permission to return to Myanmar, he said.

U Soe Myint’s brother, managing editor U Sein Win, has visited Myanmar twice in the past month and for both it was their first time back in the country since 1998, the year Mizzima was established.

U Soe Myint said he wanted to diversify Mizzima to include more multimedia projects after it returned to Yangon.

“I’m going to start with print media as an initial step and after that I plan to move into other media, such as television and radio,” U Soe Myint said.

U Soe Myint said Mizzima would also conduct journalism training programs if necessary.

He said there had been improvements in media freedom of late and the market was increasingly competitive.

“If we have a chance, we want to open our head office here,” he said. “Our intention is to set up our own media group but if we have the chance to work with others, we may also do that.”