New 3D Cineplex opens in Yangon

By Zon Pann Pwint
Volume 31, No. 617
March 5 - 11, 2012

TAW Win Centre opened the third screen of its in-house cinema, and Yangon’s first 3D theatre, on March 1.

The centre on Pyay Road, which opened in February 2011, has already been running its two other screens on DVD format, but the new one offers a 3D experience, accommodating 101 people at a time.

“The Taw Win Family Group had planned to open a 3D theatre a year ago but it took a long time to build and get the technical side right so it could be opened in March,” said U Myo Aung, assistant manager of Taw Win Centre.

“This is the first 3D theatre in Yangon. Audiences here haven’t had the chance to watch 3D movies although they have been popular for a long time. We are happy to announce its long-awaited arrival,” he said.

The theatre will show mainly adventure films that have a lot of 3D effects to showcase the format.

“I am happy that the audience will finally have a taste of 3D,” he added.

There are four screenings a day and ticket prices are set at K2500 and K3500.