Thursday, July 27, 2017

National development plan for 2013 release

A plan setting out national development goals over the next 20 years will be unveiled early next year, Dr Kan Zaw, Union Minister for National Planning and Economic Development, has told The Myanmar Times.

Speaking on the sidelines of the ninth ASEAN 100 Leadership Forum, held on December 5-6 in Yangon, he said: “The main theme of the new plan is people-centred development.”

“We are drawing up the Comprehensive National Development Plan for Myanmar 2011–2031 and we estimate it will be delivered in early 2013,” he said

According to the minister, the 20-year plan will comprise four five-year programs setting targets for each program.

International organisations such as Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia have provided consultancy help to government planning staff in the formation of the plan.

The minister said the plan would be linked to the eight-fact road map for poverty reduction set in 2011.

“We [the government] are already implementing the poverty reduction roadmap and the new plan will also be mainly linked to it.”