Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Japan edges towards first equity investment in Myanmar's power T&D

Meidensha Corporation (MEIDEN) has moved into Myanmar, signing a technical transfer agreement with Asia General Electric Co, Ltd (AGE) and a Memorandum of Understanding between AGE and Japan’s Metal One Corporation, MEIDEN’s President and CEO Junzo Inamura announced last week.

On Monday, December 17, the Tokyo-based electronics equipment maker signed with AGE, a national transformer manufacturing and sales company, to build a local network for power transmission and distribution.

Development will focus on transformer design, manufacturing and repair.

“Through the supply of the low cost and high-quality licensed products manufactured by AGE, MEIDEN will reinforce its competitive edge in the Southeast Asian Region,” MEIDEN’s official announcement states.

“AGE will have the latest technology on high quality medium and large power transformers and it will solidify its presence as the largest supplier of power transformer in Myanmar,” the announcement continues.

MEIDEN also signed an MoU between AGE and Metal One, Japan’s leading steel trading house, for the study of equity investment.

“If the equity investment is made, it will be the first case of equity investment from Japan to a power infrastructure-related company in Myanmar,” MEIDEN’s announcement states.

Under the conditions set out in the MoU, Metal One will provide AGE with electromagnetic technology to manufacture midsize and large transformers.

The MoU also states that MEIDEN would consider investing in AGE if the cooperation is successful.

MEIDEN was founded in 1897, and employs nearly 8,000 people. The corporation is listed on the 1st Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.