Friday, October 28, 2016
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The Myanmar Times

Myanmar signs off on new industrial park

Ministers witness the signing for the Mandalay-Myotha Industrial Park Project January 9, 2012. (Than Naing Soe/The Myanmar Times)Ministers witness the signing for the Mandalay-Myotha Industrial Park Project January 9, 2012. (Than Naing Soe/The Myanmar Times)

The Mandalay Industry Development Authority, appointed by the Mandalay Regional Government, and the Royal Hi-Tech Group Company signed a contract to build the Mandalay-Myotha Industry Park project on January 9.

“Since Myanmar’s new government, the RHGC has wanted to implement this project. The main purpose of the project is for agriculture export. Following a feasibility study and discussions with the government, we plan to construct a port along with the industrial park. We believe the project will reduce poverty by creating new job opportunities,” said U Ye Myint, Mandalay Region chief minister.

He continued: “We considered four main points before signing for the project. One was how it will provide job opportunities to the public; two was how will this affect the local people; three was how can we develop the area; and four was how will the environment be impacted. After discussing these points, we came to the conclusion that the project should be done. We decided that the project would be built over the whole township of Nganzun and part of Myingyan township. We presented our conclusions to the Union Government and finally signed the contract.”

The Mandalay-Myotha Industrial Park will comprise 2600 acres. It will include a transportation department, a small industrial enterprise, a middle industrial enterprise, housing projects, an economic and commercial zone, a science and research department, a golf course, a park, high-rises and supermarkets.

“This is a dry region. There’s very little land to cultivate, no big trees, and little chance of success with farming. So, people who live here are very poor and leave the area to earn money. The government wanted us to change this situation and accomplish something,” said U Aung Win Khaing , chairman of the RHGC.

“There will be 2500 factories and 150,000 staff will be required for the Mandalay-Myotha Industrial Park. We will start the project this month,” he added.

U Aung Win Khaing said the company has hired a panel of experts to help them prepare before the implementation phase. The experts will help the RHGC draw up a master plan that adheres to international standards, he said. Two are from America, and there is one each from Singapore, New Zealand and France.