Thursday, August 17, 2017

Staying afloat in Bahan township

Swimming is a divisive subject. House of the Week has the aquatic prowess of an average house cat, so its views on pools are shaped mostly by measuring the lounge chair’s proximity to the bar. Others – the more mer-person-like among us who are keen on the pool as a place to be in, rather than lounge beside – have a different take on the subject that House of the Week doesn’t quite understand.

But no matter what group you fall in to, this week’s Bahan township house has a pool which is sure to be a prime attraction. In its present state it certainly requires some cleaning, but after sprucing up it is sure to be a focal point of the home.

With four large bedrooms, as well as a living room, a shrine room, a kitchen, dining room, a reading room and at least five bathrooms, there is plenty of space. It’s a great place to host visitors in as well. There’s large windows allowing lots of natural light, and a balcony directed at downtown that offers a pleasant place to relax in the evening.

Built in a Western fashion, it’s a brand-new house with a full range of amenities. It’s not totally furnished, but a start has been made, include beds, bureau and some table-and-chair sets.

Located in Bahan, it is near city centre, and quite convenient to get downtown. Naturally, the price is high, but it’s negotiable. – Tin Yadanar Htun

Location : Thanlwin Street,

Bahan township

Price : $12,000 per month


Contact : Estate Myanmar

Real Estate Agency

Phone : 09-43118787,