Thursday, July 27, 2017

YCDC land plans now suspended

An auction of 48 parcels of land under Yangon City Development Committee’s Urban Planning and Land Management Department has been postponed indefinitely because of criticism, according to U Than Htay, head of the Department of Engineering (Building).

While farmers who had originally owned the land and original occupants have criticised the process, “the auction also won’t get [a good] price, so the auction date has been postponed, without a time limit,” he said.

Initial plans had called for sales of 74 parcels of land through an auction system, with the sales to take place on September 17 and 18. After complaints emerged, the amount of land was whittled down to 48 separate parcels, with the ownership analysed.

The auction was then to take place at September 17 at Yangon City Hall, but has now been pushed back further.

The parcels were between 40 and 60 feet wide, and 80 and 150 feet long. They were located in Thaketa, South Dagon, North Dagon and North Okkalapa townships, and were in a mix of busy and quiet locations.

Many businesspeople had been interested in the auctions, and said they had been taken by surprise that the auction was to be postponed.

U Min Oo, who was interested in buying land in North Okkalapa, said it would be difficult to pay large amounts for the land as it was not conveniently located. Still, he said more warning should have been given for the postponement.

“If they postponed the auction, they need to report to the auction applicants,” he said.

A businessperson wanting to take part in the auctions had to buy an application form from YCDC’s Engineering Department (Building) in their fifth-floor office by 2pm on September 15.

 Translation by Khant Lin Oo