Saturday, August 19, 2017

Family home with natural light

This week’s house is a well-maintained two-storey rental home, perfect for families who aren’t looking to purchase during the housing boom. It boasts plenty of windows to let in the breeze and natural light, and since it’s located in quiet Bahan township you won’t hesitate to throw back the curtains.

The white and light-blue colour scheme and the well-decorated compound – measuring 10,890 square feet – also offer plenty of breathing room. Entering through the wide living room, you’ll be greeted with a kitchen and dining room partitioned with simple white walls and parquet flooring that extends upstairs as well.

Four double bedrooms give family members their own space, while the wide upstairs balcony gives everyone a place to gather together and relax in the evening. Above the two-car garage is a room, with separate bathroom, for workers or gardeners.

The house comes equipped with nine air conditioners and two landlines, but does not come fully furnished, so you’ll need to weigh the costs of buying furniture when setting your budget. The rental price of US$8000 is a bit higher than those of other properties in the area, but it is negotiable. If you’re looking for a dose of fresh air, you may find the premium worth it.

Location : Nat Maut Yeik Thar Lane, Bahan township

Rental price : $8000 for rent (negotiable)

Contact : Estate Myanmar Co. Ltd

Phone : 01 512029