Thursday, August 17, 2017

Facebook Q&A: Ko Thu Ryain Shwe, National Unity Party

How has Myanmar’s tech transformation changed the way candidates campaign?

It only applies to the urban areas. For me, many people [online] know my ideas and that I am going to run via social media and online media. But only a few people from my constituency know that. If a candidate wants to launch a social media campaign targeting his or her own voters it is not the best way to campaign. But for the political parties, online campaigns are very effective.

Why did you decide to use Facebook as a campaign tool?

I just want let the young people know I am going to run. And they should start thinking about taking part in professional politics. And I also need volunteers. It wasn’t targeted at voters from my constituency.

Are there any challenges with using Facebook to run for election?

Nope. As far as I have experienced, there is no such thing, as long as you can understand the diversity.

It is like if someone commented on your post with different point of view, or says ‘I don’t support your ideas,’ ... As a candidate you should not reply to them with emotion, and should not take every comment into account.

Can social media affect the election?

Of course, yes ... The election business is all about communication. Among the parties and candidates, the one who can communicate effectively will be a winner. It is clear.