Thursday, August 17, 2017

Second Myanmar online expo gets underway

The second Myanmar online expo kicked off last week, with organisers saying they hoped to better the 10 sales recorded in the first event.

Despite the paucity of actual sales, iBiz founder U Win Htun described the January event as “successful”.

“The first expo was successful because it attracted so many online shoppers from around the world but there was some room for improvement,” he said.

That event, which ran from January 1 to 16, attracted more than eight million viewers from 25 countries logged into the website, he said.

The expo is being hosted at and will continue until June 10; it includes new events such as a photography contest for amateurs and an arts show that U Win Htun hopes will attract even more visitors.

“We have included an amateur photography contest to promote young talent, an online arts show and there will also be daily lucky draws and games,” he said.

A showroom on the website cost retailers between K10,000 and K125,000 depending on the number of goods and features, he added.

U Win Htun said the first event had been plagued by a number of issues regarding payments and deliveries for local buyers. To solve those problems, iBiz has crafted a pre-paid insurance card system that U Win Htun said would satisfy buyers and sellers alike.

“We’re selling pre-paid insurance cards at internet cafes for K10,000 because last time we encountered problems when deliveries were made – some people simply refused to pay,” he said.

He explained that interested domestic customers would need to buy an insurance card and type in a code when buying a product. When deliveries are made the agent will check the code before handing over the goods.

For consumers who buy goods online and later change their minds, the delivery charges will be deducted from the value of the card when and if it is returned for reimbursement, he added.

International buyers can pay by credit card through the site and have their goods delivered by EMS or DHL.