Tuesday, July 25, 2017

‘No internet attacks’, says MPT official

A Myanma Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) spokesperson said last week the slow internet download speeds in Yangon were not being caused any cyber attacks.

“I can confirm that there aren’t any attacks happening right now, and the slow internet is not being caused by that,” he said. However, he refused to comment on what might actually be causing the internet slow down.

The owner of one large internet shops in Lanmadaw township in Yangon that can afford to lease connections from both service providers – MPT and Yatanarpon Teleport – said the MPT connection has been working fine for the last few weeks, while the Yatanarpon line has not.

“I have checked our network and it’s clear that the Yatanarpon Teleport download speeds are dramatically reduced; it’s certainly a lot slower than the MPT line,” said the technician in Lanmadaw.

Ko Zaw Zaw, a spokesperson for Exit Internet Café on Bo Aung Kyaw Road in Kyauktada township, said that his shop has access to both lines, and both have been extremely tardy in the past few weeks.

He said trying to use the internet during business hours was a tedious, painful process.

“I have two internet connection lines at the shop. And from about 11am both slow down very badly and don’t get better until after 6pm. I’ve noticed that many customers have stopped coming during the day and instead come after 6pm,” he said.

And if the download speeds in Yangon are excruciatingly slow, it’s worse elsewhere, with shops in other parts of the country forced to close down for the time being.

“When the connection slows down like this, or is cut completely, some shops just shut because it’s not worth the cost of the electricity,” said one Pyinmana resident.

A resident of Myitkyina in Kachin State said the city has only ADSL connection, which costs K50,000 a month and a yearly K50,000 fee.

He said that in the past fortnight the internet has functioned for a maximum of 15 minutes at any given time and has sometimes ceased for days on end. With each unit of electricity costing him K300, he said he’s chosen to shut the shop down until download speeds increase.