In Depth The Myanmar Times has the latest news from across Myanmar. Sun, 26 Apr 2015 14:27:48 +0630 en-gb Resentment boils over at Ngapali beach

In October 2013, the Union government laid out an ambitious development plan for Ngapali beach, with President U Thein Sein reportedly telling local developers that he wanted a Bali on the Rakhine coast.

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Fair pay for Myanmar’s civil servants As the economy continues its bustling run – fuelled by frontier-market optimism – it’s worth taking stock of an economic issue that rarely gets the attention it deserves.

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Student arrests highlight prison woes

Lack of medical care for those arrested at Letpadan on March 10 symptomatic of a prison system woefully behind international standards.

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Student unions: A damaging rift?

The student movement that had united in January around its demands for a democratic system of education has since splintered, its divisions fuelled by the government’s twin tactics of negotiation and incarceration.

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Participation, mobilisation: The Karen peace dividend

A bilateral ceasefire has enabled the Karen National Union to emerge from its battle for survival with the Tatmadaw and re-engage with ethnic Karen across the country, from southern Tanintharyi to the delta.

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Love, politics and separation

Ma Phyoe Phyoe Aung has been one of the more visible faces of the student movement – but her activism has come at high personal cost.

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The right kind of debt for Myanmar Concern has recently been expressed about the national debt, which comes in at about US$200 per head.

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Editorial: A nation of givers Research and polling giant Gallup recently released results of what it calls the World Giving Index, which provides insight into the nature of giving around the world.

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Upper house to vote on watered-down education reforms Bill debated over past two days differs significantly from version agreed on at four-way talks in February.

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Seeking better life, fleeing Rohingya become soft targets

Believing they have no future in Rakhine State, tens of thousands of Rohingya take to the seas each year at the end of the monsoon season, paying human traffickers to get them to countries such as Malaysia. On arrival, however, many are held by gangs who demand payment for their freedom.

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