In Depth The Myanmar Times has the latest news from across Myanmar. Tue, 03 Mar 2015 13:39:22 +0630 en-gb Myanmar debates axing English from universities

New education framework would give universities the chance to reverse General Ne Win’s decision to make English compulsory – or opt to use minority languages.

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To prevent a backlash, create equality

Forum in Mandalay searches for ways to provide affordable housing and better infrastructure – and close the gap between haves and have nots.

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Despite action plan, IDP resettlement a distant dream

A government resettlement program for IDPs in Rakhine State is not expected to move forward in 2015 as scheduled, aid workers and displaced people say, in part due to election-year politics and resistance to a citizenship verification program.

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After guilty verdict, American teacher calls on women to speak out After her attacker was sentenced to life in prison, US teacher Kristen Shaffer has emerged from her ordeal and is urging others to speak up.

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Kachin divided over Manaw return

Thousands attended this year’s Manaw festival, but not all agree that the display of Kachin culture and unity should have taken place.

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Why Myanmar’s tourist numbers don’t add up Myanmar’s tourist arrival figures were swelled by the inclusion of border visitors, but experts warn that the push for high growth at any cost could have negative long-term impacts for sector.

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Bringing water, and changing lives, in the dry zone

Old habits die hard. Even as the crystalline water gushes unbounded from the newly installed taps, to the delight of old and young alike, some of the parents are worried: What if it dries up again?

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Going the last mile on early warning? On December 26, 2004, the world experienced one of the deadliest natural disasters ever recorded. Ten years on, early warning and disaster reduction mechanisms have improved prospects for future events significantly.

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Decision makers steer clear of a seat at negotiating table Four-, six-, 12-way – whichever form negotiations are proposed, the government remains reluctant to enter talks.

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PR rules freeze out exiled politicians

Political activists who fled Myanmar since 1988 likely to snub permanent residence offer because of ban on political activities.

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