In Depth The Myanmar Times has the latest news from across Myanmar. Mon, 22 Dec 2014 03:13:16 +0630 en-gb Decision makers steer clear of a seat at negotiating table Four-, six-, 12-way – whichever form negotiations are proposed, the government remains reluctant to enter talks.

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PR rules freeze out exiled politicians

Political activists who fled Myanmar since 1988 likely to snub permanent residence offer because of ban on political activities.

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Fresh warnings of looming TB crisis

Health systems in high-burden countries including Myanmar are struggling to cope with rapid growth of drug-resistant forms of the disease.

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‘New’ rights body faces first major test The investigation into the death of journalist Ko Par Gyi represents the first major test for the reformed Myanmar National Human Rights Commission – but experts are sceptical that members have the desire or expertise to conduct a genuinely independent probe.

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An afternoon with the president

When I heard US President Barack Obama would be coming to Myanmar in November, I thought it would be wonderful to meet him, but I didn’t think it would really happen.

]]> (Ei Ei Toe Lwin) In Depth Mon, 01 Dec 2014 09:33:57 +0630
Behind the student protests

Student activism is back. Marching through the streets, chanting slogans and holding blood-red student union flags and banners reading “Education not for sale”, “Fight for democratic education” and “Say no to National Education Law”, Myanmar’s more activist-minded students have once again made headlines around the world.

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Free software pioneer takes aim at surveillance society Richard Stallman on the pitfalls of using proprietary software, and why data collection – including through the use of social networking sites like Facebook – can put democracy at risk.

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Lessons from Poland Myanmar Times reporter Wa Lone his recent one-month study trip, where he looked at the political transition and the status of the media in Poland.

]]> (Wa Lone) In Depth Mon, 10 Nov 2014 10:33:19 +0630
It is time for local NGOs to grow up and boost capacity Myanmar is blessed with a large number of caring and dedicated locally owned and locally run non-government organisations (LNGOs).

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From carrying bamboo to book bags

In Mandalay Region’s Patheingyi township, where the base of the Shan Plateau meets the eastern edge of the central lowlands, lies the village of Shwe Kyin Yay.

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