The Pulse The Myanmar Times has the latest news from across Myanmar. Thu, 31 Jul 2014 21:47:51 +0630 en-gb Minding the IT gap As Myanmar struggles to close the digital divide between city and country, rural residents hope to benefit from greater access to communications technology



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Stepping back in time in Hanlin

Two thousand years after the Pyu city-states fell, their buildings still shape local life, luring tourists and making locals proud of their recent listing among UNESCO World Heritage Sites



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Legends of Hanlin Douglas Long on Hanlin – an area once described by archaeologist Aung Thaw as an “almost barren and desolated” landscape that could have inspired a series of apocalyptic legends about the destruction of the ancient city.

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Changing faces Use of the distinctive tree bark paste long favoured as both a cosmetic and as a form of sun protection is changing, as traditional values confront modern trends.


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Face value With beauty pageants having very much entered the mainstream in Myanmar, Charlotte Rose asks whether they liberate or oppress women.

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Raw energy, vivid colour

The energy and exuberance of Soe Naing’s paintings lifts the spirits as delightfully as the festival dances they depict.



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Grey matter Our resident medical expert Dr Chrisoph Gelsdorf on what steps can be taken to stave off the decline of the brain.

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Monsoon state of mind: A survival guide The rain is here but never fear – the Times’ own style and etiquette expert Fiona MacGregor has the definitive guide to maintaining good grace, looks and humour this monsoon season.


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From strength to strength Bodybuilding champion Aye Aye Soe aims to show Myanmar women’s strength to the world – and challenge her critics at home.



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Breast practice: survivors find support with Living Hope Breast cancer survivor and activist May May Pyone on the need to fight depression and improve cancer education in Myanmar.



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