The Pulse The Myanmar Times has the latest news from across Myanmar. Sun, 05 Jul 2015 19:21:45 +0630 en-gb Geek is the new chic for Myanmar women Geek is good, women are being told. And, while we’re at it, tech is chic.

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Cache exchange: The hidden world of GPS treasure hunting The familiar, mundane geography of topographical features, roadways and shopping malls is overlaid with countless maps invisible to those who lack the tools, faculties or knowledge to interpret the signs: Gang territory demarcations, the scavenging routes of urban wildlife and sacred zones governed by local nats all exist in domains subliminal to our own.

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Why I walk I first became aware of health and fitness in my late teens. I began running, first 5 kilometres, and by the time I was in college, I began to train for marathons. I loved the adrenaline rush, the sweat and sheer expenditure of energy. It was a perfect release for the stress of university life and young adulthood, and I was in great shape.

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Tiny houses still have room for what matters For most people, the choice to live in a small space is all about location, the chance to live on a busy city block in the centre of the action. But for others, it’s about the freedom of living light.

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How to swap games consoles for books – and get kids reading My son, Jacob, is 17 now. He’s at college and when his increasingly hectic social life permits, he reads novels.

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Stranger than fiction As hobbyists go, they are apt to stand out in a crowd more prominently than, say, numismatists, toxophilists, topiarists or philatelists. Unlike, say, train-spotters or people who like growing huge vegetable marrows, they are apt to wear capes, carry facsimiles of deadly weapons, and have hair and eyes in colours that no human being would have.

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GAME OF DRONES The abandoned lot in Thilawa special economic zone, crosscut by long stretches of pavement and bordered by a sprinkling of low houses, looks like an airfield in miniature. A small group of men and women has converged on this lonely, overgrown spot on the outskirts of Yangon to fly unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) – an activity neither fully allowed nor forbidden in Myanmar.

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From Pansodan to Pansuriya: In a characteristic blend of old and new, U Aung Soe Min’s latest gallery presents hundreds of photos: vintage, modern, personal, documentary and artistic. The space, Pansuriya, at 100 Bogalayzay Street in Yangon, is open to the public, but not yet officially inaugurated.

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Discover the secrets of style Calling all aspiring fashionistas: Now’s your chance for a foothold in the industry. The Style Secrets Designer Competition has been announced and you do not want to miss it.

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Children on the move Disturbing findings by an NGO suggest children may be at risk as they move, often unaccompanied, around the country for work or other reasons. United Against Child Trafficking (United ACT) researched the situation of children on the move as part of Destination Unknown, an international campaign to protect children in transit.

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