The Pulse The Myanmar Times has the latest news from across Myanmar. Tue, 21 Apr 2015 20:58:43 +0630 en-gb Traditional artists face the music Love  Myanmar, love its music. But devotees of traditional Myanmar music are finding that young people, though their patriotism is not in doubt, are deserting Myanmar music in droves.

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Hip hop duo spurns love songs for rapper lifestyle Just two crazy women in weird clothes chanting unsettling songs, Danzin and Aye Aye Aung of Yangon Always Kingdom pride themselves on fighting.

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MSG: Makes Snacks Good, or Means Sick Gourmands? According to comments made to The Nation by Piya Sosothikul, executive director of Thai footwear and MSG manufacturer Seacon Group, the average person in Myanmar consumes 800 grams (1.76 pounds) of MSG per year.

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Rock the shopping mall: JamIt! is music to Mandalay’s ears Mandalay is often defined by three things: heat, dust and culture. The first two boxes are easily ticked, especially at this time of year, but the romanticised vision of Mandalay as a cultural centre is often a disappointment to the uninitiated.

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Blown cover When The Beatles and Elvis Presley were great favourites among Yangon music fans in the early 1970s, local bands such as the Play Boys took to performing Myanmar versions of their songs to please their listeners.

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A hidden beauty uncovered Those  familiar with Yangon as a place of construction sites and constant, snarling traffic may be interested to know that even 10 years ago, when cars were a rarity and months would go by without a developer breaking ground, keeping the city green was a source of concern.

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Blooming trade in Myanmar arts and crafts Truly  dedicated followers of fashion, like me and, possibly, you (no, not you - you over there), will understand accessories. A merely beautiful dress without accoutrements simply will not do. Good taste demands more.

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Yangon zoo plays matchmaker for lonesome animals Sometimes  that perfect date needs an extra little touch of romance … like a crane.

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Photography book captures artist’s love for Myanmar Six years ago, David Heath fell in love. The object of his passion was Myanmar, its ways and its cultures, its fields and its cities and, most of all, its people.

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French cartoonist illustrates Myanmar freedom struggle The land of liberty, equality and fraternity will learn of the travails endured by those in Myanmar who struggle for human rights and a better life with the upcoming publication, at the end of the year, of Frédéric Debomy’s cartoon Books on Burma.

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