Thursday, August 17, 2017

River Gallery celebrates 10th anniversary

River Gallery in Yangon is marking its 10th birthday on February 20 with the opening of a special group show featuring 50 artists whose works are represented by the gallery. The event will be held at River Gallery II, located on 38th Street beside the Strand Hotel.

River Gallery owner Gill Pattison said she was excited about the artwork that will be featured in the exhibition because she asked the artists “to create something different and something we have not seen before”.

“I think the event is going to be fun,” Pattison said. “We are going to have a performance art piece as well, which will surprise the audience. But it is also a chance to meet many of the artists and see their new works.”

The performance piece will be presented by artist Htein Lin.

“This is the gallery’s 10th birthday celebration and also a group show, so my performance will not be too serious,” Htein Lin said, adding that the piece would include “reflections on life in the city of Yangon”.

According to a press statement released by the gallery, the exhibition is also a time to “celebrate the achievements of Myanmar’s talented artists” who, through a decade of great change, “continued to produce their works of tranquil beauty and veiled political comment, navigating a censorship regime that constrained but did not extinguish their creative spirit”.

All of the artwork in the show will be for sale, with a portion of the proceeds to be used to establish prizes for the best graduating students at the National University of Arts and Culture.

The opening will be held at River Gallery II on February 20 from 6pm to 8:30pm. The exhibition runs through March 6.