Wednesday, July 26, 2017

MMPO drops old acting class rules

The Myanmar Motion Picture Organisation (MMPO) next month will offer its annual acting class, with several changes to the acceptance criteria that will open the class to a wider range of applicants.

U Aye Kyuu Lay, an information officer at the organisation, said that in past years the acting class was closed to students who were actively involved in political parties as well as those who did not have black hair, and participants were also forbidden from participating in film shoots outside of class.

“This year we had a meeting at which [recently elected] MMPO chairman U Zin Wine and vice chairman Ko Luu Min decided that we did not need these three rules anymore, so we cancelled them,” U Aye Kyuu Lay said.

“Our goal is to develop actors, and good acting is not concerned with who the people are, but with what they do [in front of the camera]. And we will allow students to take part in film shoots outside of class, as long as they attend at least 75 percent of the classes.”

U Aye Kyuu Lay said that past MMPO acting classes have helped uncover talents such as Zin Myo, Kaung Pyae and others.

“Good actors and actresses are rare in the film industry, so we want to produce more talent from our class. Chairman U Zin Wine is more interested in finding good actors than in making a profit from the class,” U Aye Kyuu Lay said, adding that due to space limitations, only 50 students will be accepted for the class.

U Kyaw Wanna, a member of the MMPO’s Central Executive Committee, said that although the class focuses on acting, students will also gain basic knowledge about directing, cinematography and scriptwriting.

“We will have a lot of teachers from the film industry. We will choose students who are dedicated to practicing and who have confidence,” he said.

The class will last three months and will be held at the MMPO office on Wingabar Road in Bahan township, Yangon. Anyone interested in applying for the class can stop by the office for more information.