Thursday, August 17, 2017

Is the US election result written in the stars? Of course, say Myanmar astrologers

Forget the polls. It’s the stars that will win it for Clinton.

Astrologer U Kaung San Linn says Clinton’s horoscope will win her the presidency. Photos: Nyo Me / The Myanmar TimesAstrologer U Kaung San Linn says Clinton’s horoscope will win her the presidency. Photos: Nyo Me / The Myanmar Times

The omens are favourable as well, says astrologer U Kaung San Linn, who called the results of last November’s election in Myanmar. He says US presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton’s horoscope is more fortunate than Donald Trump’s, and her luck on election day will be stronger.

He’s not alone. Zay Hmue Shein, who completed all six courses at the Myanmar Astro Research Bureau, and who started calculating in 2009, says, “According to the outcomes of Eastern astrology, Hillary Clinton has the advantage over all others in the United States elections,” he said, adding that his calculations are based on her date of birth.

Their forecasts will no doubt come as a blow to Republican nominee Donald Trump, who is currently trailing in the polls following a litany of political missteps including a feud with a Muslim couple whose son died in Iraq.

The calculations involved in such predictions are, of course, enormously complex. U Kaung San Linn said he had calculated on the basis of two kinds of year – Myanmar and Global. “According to the calculations of the Myanmar year, Jupiter is in ascending constellation for the year 17.4.1378 to 17.4.1379. Jupiter is associated with the female, meaning that women will be powerful in the world. That’s why Daw Aung San Suu Kyi became our country’s leader. It also goes for Germany. So, I can definitely say that Clinton will be elected president.

Tricky stuff: Zay Hmue Shein calculates the outcome of the US election before our very eyes.Tricky stuff: Zay Hmue Shein calculates the outcome of the US election before our very eyes.

“According to the calculation of the Global year, Mars and Saturn move into Scorpio, suggesting outbreaks of violence in politics, amid peace and freedom. Jupiter moved from Leo to Virgo at 8 hours, 45 minutes and 16 seconds on August 5. Virgo is the host of Mercury. Because Jupiter stands in the host Mercury, women will be outstanding in Myanmar and the world. Moreover, it will get adequate rainfall. Clinton will certainly win.”

The Myanmar Times' own astrologer, U Aung Myin Kyaw, agrees, citing in evidence the positions of the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and other planets according to the rules and definitions of Eastern Astrology.

“The Sun, as the ruler of good luck (11 houses), is in the first house with Ascendant and Venus the ruler of Libra is also in its own first house. And powerful Saturn with Mars is situated in the 10th house, the Great House of all. Hillary Clinton will be under the influence of the Sun, between the periods of 6.9.2015 to 6.9.2021. The implications are quite clear.”

Even Trump, whom The New York Times has called “a master of spin”, can’t argue with Eastern astrology.

But, according to Min Thane Kha’s trainee Min Thein Kyaw, the race for the White House is far from over. Min Thein Kyaw says fortune favours Trump, based on calculations he says have “no political or religious aspects”.

“He is Saturday-born, she is Friday-born. According to this Myanmar year (1378), Saturday exists in dwar ya, in limbo, and Friday is located in marana. Obviously, she cannot possibly win.”

Less convincingly, Zay Hmue Shein adds, “According to Trump’s horoscope, he can be president. However, he is in transit in November 2016. Saturn is over luck so he’s in a descending constellation. So, he cannot.”