Sunday, October 23, 2016
The Myanmar Times
The Myanmar Times

New digital channel to bring books to the small screen

Myanmar Radio and Television (MRTV) has announced it plans to launch a new free digital channel called the “Readers Channel” in Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Daw on July 14.

‘’This is good and so useful for the readers in Myanmar,” said a spokeman from MRTV. ‘’Its intent is to raise the reading level among the public and a free channel may attract those wanting to speed up their reading skills. It might also attract those living in the outskirts of the cities, where it is sometimes difficult to get access to reading materials.”

The channel will feature live-to-air book reading for all ages, educational programs, group discussions and reviews of modern literature.

Audiences can get access to the station by using a DVB-T Digital Reciever - such as 4TV, 5 Network, MWD and DVB-T Digital Tuner.

Those living more than 40 kilometres (25 miles) outside of Nay Pyi Taw can access the channel through 22 UHF (Ultra High Frequency) band; those who are about 50 kilometres outside of Yangon can access the channel on 24UHF; and people outside more than 40 kilometres from Mandalay can tune their television to UHF band channel 25.

Kyaw Gyi, 19, who lives in Botataung Township in Yangon, says he is looking forward to watching the programs.

“They will encourage more of a reading culture among young people like me,” he says.

“Young people are used to wasting their time on entertainment, so if the book is being read out on television at the same time as we are reading it, it is still entertaining,” says Kyaw Gyi.

The Readers Channel will go on air for about a four-hour duration, and will run four times a day from 4am to 10pm, starting July 14. – Nandar Aung