Sunday, August 20, 2017

ME N MA Girls, strong abroad

Burstings out into the international scene, Myanmar’s own Me N Ma Girls released their hit single “Girl Strong” through iTunes and Amazon on October 10.

Me N Ma Girls have released their international debut single, “Girl Strong”. Photo: SuppliedMe N Ma Girls have released their international debut single, “Girl Strong”. Photo: Supplied

“This is the biggest thing in our lifetime. There are many more famous singers in Myanmar than us. We’ve been performing for three years, but we didn’t have a producer,” band member Ahmoon told The Myanmar Times.

“Then, thank heavens, we got an offer from Daniel Hubbert and this single is the result. We’re very happy and proud of it.”

The break came just at the right time, as their Australian agent Nicole May had just had a baby and could no longer work with them.

“Our producer doesn’t act like the big boss. He treats us like partners. We just do our best,” Ahmoon said. The band now has four members – Htike Htike, Ahmoon, Cha Cha and Kimmy – since Wai Hnin left the group in June to spend more time with her parents.

The electro-pop “Girl Strong” was composed by Richard Harris and its music video directed by Joseph Toman, best known for his video work with Justin Timberlake, Nicole Scherzinger and David Guetta.

Backed by world-famous professionals, and using high-quality sound techniques, the sweetly melodic intro works up into a noisy chorus.

Me N Ma Girls released their first album Year of the Tiger in

Myanmar in 2010 under the name Tiger Girls. Following disagreements with their original producer, the band changed its name to Me N Ma Girls and self-produced their second album, Mingalaba, which was released at the end of 2011. The girls signed up with Power Music in Los Angeles, whose chairman and CEO is Daniel Hubbert, in mid-2012.

“At first, critics in Myanmar said we were ugly and our skin too brown, not like Korean bands, so we wouldn’t succeed. We put that in the song,” Ahmoon said.

The video shows Korean-style people enjoying life at the K-pop factory. At first they look at the girls as if they are strange, but Me N Ma Girls just get on with what they have to do.

“The song is quite commercial and it shows that we are different from the K-pop style,” she added. Although the song is called “Girl Strong”, it’s not just about girls, but is about empowerment. The message is: Don’t give up.

“Everyone faces problems and challenges. But this song empowers us to deal with whatever situation we face,” said Ahmoon.

The single was downloaded by more than 10,000 people on the first day.

“We’re off to a good start. I hope we can succeed in Southeast Asia and then move on to the US and Europe,” Daniel Hubbert told The Myanmar Times.

“The girls are great to work with and everyone is professional. We plan to be together for a long time.”