Saturday, October 22, 2016
The Myanmar Times
The Myanmar Times

Perfect pilaf for piling on to your plate

Phyo’s Cooking Adventure

As a Burmese, I love to eat a bowl of rice mixed with curry, including lots of gravy, vegetables and meat. As a result I became a big fan of pilaf when I was living in Sydney. I tried so many different pilaf recipes, and eventually created my own styles according to my own tastes. Of course, most of my pilaf-style rice dishes are soaked in a delicate gravy.

This week, I’m pleased to introduce Spanish seafood pilaf into my cooking adventure. I like the combination of tomatoes and seafood, mixed with the aroma of herbs. I cook this recipe in a pot rather than the traditional style of using a shallow pan, and it works well.

I use a type of sweet basil from Myanmar called pin seain as a substitute for Italian basil or parsley. Pin seain goes very well with seafood, cutting through the strong smell of the squid and adding a sweet taste to the mixture.