Monday, July 24, 2017

All you need is larb (and coconut rice)

Phyo’s Cooking Adventure

This week, I am making spicy and sour Thai chicken mince salad to eat with sweet coconut rice. Larb is a very popular Thai mince salad dish that can be found on the menus of nearly all Thai restaurants.

The specifics of the recipe vary from region to region in Thailand. It is also a favourite in Australia, where chefs often experiment with more delicate tastes. While I was living there, I often made larb using turkey mince, and then served it in parcels on baby iceberg lettuce or butter lettuce leaves.

Further trial and error taught me that the mince salad was very nice with coconut rice as well.

The beautiful, sweet aroma of coconut and fresh lime juice, along with the strong flavor of fish sauce, will stimulate your taste buds to open up, and then the spicy chilli will add some sparks.

I use coconut milk here for its aroma and to sweeten the taste, so my recipe is a bit less rich than the traditional flavour.