Monday, August 21, 2017

Where the west wind ruffles the dipping sauce

Imagine, if you will, a place gently caressed by fructifying winds from the west, where people can gather with their friends alongside a placid lake for morning mohinga (K800).

If there’s nowhere else to be, and no pressure to depart, it’s possible to stay at Zephyr for hours, talking with your friends while the kids run around like hyperactive hummingbirds on the playground, which is highly visible from the outdoor dining area.

After awhile you start getting hungry again, so you order a few choices from the snack menu, perhaps prawn rolls (K1000), vegetable tempura (K2000) and dried venison (K1400).

The venison, you think, would be a good snack to eat while drinking beer, but it’s only 11am. Then again, why wait? In our post-information age of zillion-way communication, are we not, in a profound way, everywhere on the globe at once? It’s always drinking time somewhere! And besides, the locals at the next table have been pounding cans of Myanmar beer since 9:30am, so why not join them?

The day plods on, but you’re having such an amazing time catching up with your amazingly interesting friends and watching the kids wear themselves out on the swing-set and the freaky giant-duck-on-a-spring ride that you harbour no thoughts of departing from this oasis, where the sun glints on the green lake-water and the gentle breeze sends unanchored napkins fluttering across the lawn.

Lunch? Asian and European options abound, from sweet and sour pork (K4000), chicken kung poo (K5500) and deep fried fish Hong Kong style (K4700), to fish and chips (K5500) and pepper-steak pork (K5800).

By now it’s mid-afternoon. It’s been a long day and the kids are cranky, bursting into tears at the slightest provocation. But surely you have time for coffee. On offer are cappuccino (K1750), café latte (K2200), coffee berry icy (K1800) and much more.

Finally it’s time to go. The bill comes, and the total is a bit higher than expected but not too terrifying. (There was also that annoying K300 fee you had to pay just the enter the garden where the restaurant is located.) The food was not great but not terrible, so the overall value for money is also pretty average.

Service? Also passable — the waiters were reasonably attentive, but you did have to ask three times before someone delivered sufficient amounts of dipping sauce for the vegetable tempura.

Overall you’re fairly satisfied, the big draw being the chance to chat with friends in a relaxing, picturesque atmosphere where the west wind wafts across waters of Inya Lake.

Zephyr Coffee and Restaurant

Sein Lann So Pyay Garden, Inya Road (near Pyay Road), Kamaryut township, Yangon

Food: 6 Drink : 7
Atmosphere  : 8
Service : 7
X Factor : 7
Value for money : 6

Score BOX : 7/10