Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Bago to host Tagu festival in mid-April

An eleven-day festival to mark the full moon of Tagu will be held at Shwemawdaw Pagoda in Bago next month, a member of the pagoda’s board of trustees said last week.

The festival, which will run from April 13 to 23, will feature traditional theatre groups, restaurants and souvenir stalls, trustee U Aye Cho said.

“I am sure the festival will be crowded this year because we have expanded the car parking facilities and built 120 new souvenir stalls and restaurants since last year. We offered gold leaves to the stupa in December, too,” he said.

During next month’s festival, known as Buddha Puzaniya Pwedaw, trustees will offer K1.5 billion (about US$1.67 million) worth of gold leaf to the stupa, U Aye Cho said.

On April 18, the full moon day of Tagu, trustees and other well-wishers will offer food to 500 monks, he said.

“Everyone can offer food to the monks. They will accept offerings along Phaya Street, near the pagoda,” U Aye Cho said.

The Tagu festival has been celebrated at Shwemawdaw since 1796AD, when King Bodawpaya (1789-1819AD) raised the pagoda’s hti (umbrella) on the full moon day.