Tuesday, July 25, 2017

20 new bird species found

Conservationists have identified 20 new species of birds that can be found in Myanmar. Daw Thiri Dae We Aung, an executive member of Myanmar Bird and Nature Society, said these included seven species never previously spotted in Southeast Asia.

She said they had based their study on the work of Craig Robson, the world-renowned Asian bird expert who has compiled the field guide to the birds of Southeast Asia.

“Robson’s book lists a total of 1094 bird species in Myanmar, as of 2011. These new findings bring the total to 1114,” said Daw Thiri Dae We Aung, who is also the conservation manager of Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Association.

The new species were found by members of Myeik University, MBNS, Wildlife Conservation Society, Bird Tour Asia, Wildlife Sanctuary (Putao), and Flora and Fauna International between 2010 and 2014.

They hope the discoveries will be added to a forestry department list that currently includes just 1056 bird species.

MBNS vice chair U Thein Aung said they would send the updated list of species to the Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry’s Nature and Wildlife Conservation Division.

“If they agree with our list, the official bird list will be updated,” he said.

Daw Thiri Dae We Aung said 49 of the 1114 species on the list were globally threatened species.