Monday, July 24, 2017

1.6 million Methamphetamine tablets seized in Buthidaung

About 1.6 million methamphetamine tablets labelled R in 160 bags were seized from a truck traveling from Buthidaung to Maungtaw. The truck driver U Lay Shwe and his assistant U Saw Yan Aung, were held at 11am on Thursday at the 6-mile police inspection gate in Buthidaung, according to Taung Bazar police station.

Suspicious bags were seen being transferred from a SURF vehicle to a truck on the road in front of the 6-mile inspection gate, where a joint team led by police sub-lieutenant Kyaw Kyaw Naing made an inspection and arrested them based on a police telex.

When approached by the police, the SURF vehicle sped off. The seized tablets were worth K3.2 billion and a case under Section 15/19(a)21 was opened at the Taung Bazar police station, it is learnt.

Translation by Zaw Nyunt