Friday, August 18, 2017

Ministry targets shoddy fertilisers

A Combination of education and law enforcement will be used to control the use of unregistered and “fake” fertilisers, a Myanmar Agricultural Service (MAS) official said last month.

MAS regional manager for Bago, U Aye Ko Ko, said the service’s quality control committee would educate farmers and check distributors are only selling registered local and imported fertilisers.

“These activities will start nationally this year. We will educate farmers on how to choose a registered fertiliser, take a voucher from the shops that they bought fertiliser and to monitor its effectiveness on their crops,” he said. “On the other hand the checking committee will monitor the quality of fertilisers at shops and take action against those who distribute unregistered fertilisers.”

He said possible punitive measures range from a warning to withdrawing distribution licences.

The measures have become necessary because of complaints that some unregistered fertilisers contained materials including solid earth and salt.

The service began issuing fertiliser distribution permits in 2010 and companies are required to renew the permits every two years.