Saturday, August 19, 2017

All schools reopen in Dawei after H5N1 outbreak

All of the schools in Dawei district in Tanintharyi Region were re-opened Tuesday after two weeks of closure due to the outbreak of H5N1, according to the Tanintharyi Regional Education Office.

“All of schools from Dawei district are opening on today, “the official, who asked not to be named because he is an authorized spokesman of the region education office, told The Myanmar Times on August 8.

A total of 141 schools from Dawei Town were shut down from July 27 to 31. The middle and high school levels reopened at the start of August but a majority, 130 schools from Dawei, Launglon and Yebyu townships, remained closed until August 7 since these are for primary level children from the affected areas.

“The current situation we can say is under control now. It has been five days from August 3 to today [August 8] and there were no new reports of infections” said Dr Thein Zaw Min who is the Township Officer for Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department, Dawei Town.

On July 20 the H5N1 disease started spreading in Dawei. The regional Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department confirmed on July 25 after getting result from laboratory. On July 26 culling processes started in the disease affected farms.

Over 25,000 of chickens and ducks from 14 poultry farms are culled by the Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department from July 26 to August 3.

“We are still educating the livestock owners and person who sell chicken meat and eggs on how to protect themselves against the disease. To use the pesticides after before entering and after leaving the poultry house,” Dr Thein Zaw Min continued.

The affected poultry farms will resume business after the three months if no virus would be detected, he added.

Though schools are opening and the spreading of disease in the poultry is already stopped since August 3, The Myanmar Times tried to contact officials from the Ministry of Health and Sports to ask whether the H5N1 outbreak is completely under control but no one picked up the phone.