Friday, August 18, 2017

Art centre opens in Mandalay

Four well-known artists have banded together to establish the Mandalay Contemporary Art Centre.

Nyi Pu Lay, Maung Tin Thit, Maung Ni Oo and Suu Myint Thein opened the centre, on the corner of 69th and 37th streets, on August 27.

The centre will act as a gathering point for the arts community in Mandalay and will feature regular exhibitions of paintings, sculptures, literature, cartoons, news media, performance and installation art. A major focus will be on nurturing talented young artists, one of its founders said.

“We will hold art workshops, art shows of all kinds, each month. This month, we are holding painting workshops, both traditional and contemporary painting,” said Suu Myint Thein.

To mark the opening, London-based artist Htein Linn conducted a workshop.