Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Billboard guidelines for Bagan cultural zone

Guidelines for the erection of billboards in the Bagan cultural zone will be drawn up to ensure that they conform to the structure of ancient buildings in the area, said Daw Yu Yu Lin, coordinator with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for Bagan’s tourism development project.

“Bagan is unique from other areas because it has natural scenery. And it is a significant and central location in Myanmar, with many domestic and foreign tourists coming here.

“But as a result of the increasing tourist arrivals, Bagan today is not like it used to be,” she said.

Daw Yu Yu Lin said of late, many billboards have appeared in the area, and some have been erected very close to the ancient buildings.

“That is why, instructions for billboards are being drawn in order to control them,” she said.

The guidelines will state the size, type, location and minimum distance from ancient buildings for all billboards. Work on the guidelines began in 2016 and it is now in the process of being drafted, it is learnt.

“After the draft is completed, instructions will be submitted to respective departments and they will decide upon it. At present, it appears that the drafting process will be completed by the end of this month,” said Daw Yu Yu Lin.

“We will also consult with local residents, and will include their requests into the final draft guidelines.”

Some of the billboards now seen in the Bagan cultural zone include commercial billboards, notice boards for garbage disposal by the government and small sticker advertisements, said Nyaung-U resident U Thaung Htay.

“There are big billboards in some places. Some even seem to be hiding the pagodas.

“People come here to pay respects to the pagodas, not to see those billboards. It would be better if there is not a single billboard here at all,” said U Thaung Htay.


Translation by Zaw Nyunt