Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Myanmar Liver Foundation to be formed

The Myanmar Liver Foundation will be formed in Mandalay city to help patients with liver diseases.

The foundation will help reduce liver diseases and the dangers from its side effects, carrying out liver health awareness programs, providing prevention and treatment services, and expanding and improving hepatology and its researches.

The foundation will be established on May 31.

“During the later part of 2014, hepatitis C can be cured in a few months rather than several years. Therefore, I want to inform the public to have their hepatitis C treated. If you cannot afford treatment, you can start saving yourself.

“We want to be able to do this. Help from another path is necessary in projects to achieve long term success. That’s why we thought about forming the foundation,” said Professor Dr Nyo Mi Khine Than Hlaing, from Hepatology Department, Mandalay General Hospital.

The foundation will educate the public on hepatitis, cirrhosis, and liver cancer; examine, treat and cure patients diagnosed with hepatitis B and C; provide aid so that patients diagnosed with hepatitis C can get treatment; perform liver transplant to patients with liver failures; provide support to produce sufficient number of health experts; and maintain hepatology research services, she added.

“Although the headquarters is situated in Mandalay, it will be expanded nationwide. We are not going to form in small areas on a regional basis, but rather we will do the best of our limits for the whole country. If there are foreign associations, we will cooperate with them,” she continued.

In Myanmar, there are only 12 hepatologists, both from civil and military. Therefore, doctors need to be encouraged to take up hepatology, she said.

“This disease is diagnosed among lot of people, but if doctors do not join us we cannot provide effective treatment. I want to give more encouragements to the doctors,” she remarked.

According to the 2015 records of the Ministry of Health and Sports, there are about 1.3 million people in Myanmar that are diagnosed with hepatitis C.

Translation by Kyaw Soe Htet