Saturday, August 19, 2017

Water rates to increase in new budget

The metered water rates will be increased as set out in the current budget year on April 1, according to a legal announcement issued by the Mandalay City Development Committee on May 29.

According to the announcement, there are different moat water bill rates for households, businesses as well as local and foreign-owned factories.

The increase in water bill rates was mentioned in the City Development Committee-owned Mandalay Daily Newspaper which was published on May 29. The paper also stated that the current rates for water bills will result in a loss of profit.

The rates have been increased from K85 to K200 per unit (220 gallons) for households and from K110 to K260 per unit for businesses. Likewise, the rate for locally-owned factories has been raised from K440 to K660 per unit and the rate for foreign-owned factories has been changed from K880 to K1,100 per unit.

The bill rates for moat water are fixed according to pipe sizes. The current rate of K1,500 has been increased to K4,000 for the smallest 0.5inch pipe, and the rate for the biggest 8 inch pipe is up from K50,000 to K70, 000.

“New rates will be charged for water bills once every three months,” said U Khin Maung Thin, section head of City Development Committee’s Water and Sanitation Department, on May 30.

The city development committee aims to increase the water supply according to the budget and is currently working to supply water to 30pc of Pyigyitagun Township with the help of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JCIA).

Moreover, old pipelines will be replaced with the new ones and maintenance works will be done to prevent water pollution. New wells and water reservoirs will be dug to increase water supply. Procedures to conserve water will also be implemented, and the committee aspires to give 24 hour clean water supply via pipelines to 90pc (0.7million) of residents in Aung Myay Tharzan, Chan Aye Tharzan, Maha Aung Myay and Chan Mya Tharsi Townships by 2020, it is learnt.

“I use the water meter at home. The meter rates are quite affordable, and the supplied water is clean enough to use for cooking. But, the water from water meter has become foggy with tiny particles in the last five or six years. Now, I use distilled water for drinking and cooking. The metered water is used for washing and bathing only. We still don’t have full water supply all the time,” said Daw San, a housewife from Aung Myay Tharzan Township.

Translation by Swe Zin Moe