Thursday, July 27, 2017

Farmers compensated for seized Magwe lands

Compensation has been paid to farmers whose lands that were confiscated for building housing quarters for the Magwe Region Hluttaw’s public service personnel under the previous government.

Four cultivators were paid compensation for lands which were in their names at event held on June 16.

Magwe Region Hluttaw speaker U Tar said, “This land had been confiscated since during the previous government. Buildings have been constructed since then.

“However, cultivators and farmers are facing difficulties because their land had been confiscated. However, Hluttaw representatives reported that they not in agreement the lands had been confiscated without comensation.

“That’s why, the government, the Hluttaw, township administrative officer, the Land Record Department, relevant ward authorities and cultivators have negotiated and set the amount of the compensation which is not too high or not too low as the value of the land.

“We hope that our compensation will be able to sustain support the cultivators to some extent even if they cannot invest much with the compensation,” said U Tar.

According to the regional Hluttaw’s records, in 2013, 2.181 acres of land, which is situated along the boundary of Aung Myittar Ward in Magwe city, had been set aside by the regional government for the Hluttaw office and public service personnel housing.

Ma Aye Win, one of the cultivators whose farmland had been confiscated said, “We are happy because we were given some consideration by the Hluttaw representatives. If possible, we want to work on our owned farmland. We cannot do any other work as we are illiterate. We thank them for the compensation.”

In Magwe Region, there are more than 400,000 acres of confiscated farmland.

According to data provided by the Magwe Region Farmer’s Union, the military confiscated more than 300,000 acres of farmland while the rest of about 100,000 acres were confiscated by various government departments and companies.

Translation by Win Thaw Tar