Friday, August 18, 2017

Employers ‘discriminate against disabled’

The Amarapura Network, a local non-governmental organisation, carried out a campaign to promote public awareness for the disabled community to help them find employment, which is a major hurdle for them now.

Participants at the awareness campaign held at Jade Pagoda. Than Naing Soe / The Myanmar TimesParticipants at the awareness campaign held at Jade Pagoda. Than Naing Soe / The Myanmar Times

The awareness campaign, held at the Jade Pagoda, Amarpura Township last week, was aimed to encourage disabled people to get jobs and at the same time urge employers to hire more disabled persons.

“Most of the disabled had no schooling when they were young. Therefore, no one wants to employ them. Government jobs specify that one must be physically healthy. It is discriminating against the disabled,” Amarapura Network chair Daw Khin Tut Tut said.

According to the 2014 Myanmar Population and Housing Census, the number of disabled persons in Myanmar is 4.6 percent (2.31 million) of the nation’s population of over 53 million people.

There are 957,736 physically disabled persons, 9,835,598 visually challenged, 673,126 with hearing disabilities and 835,598 intellectually challenged.

“The purpose of this campaign is to survey how much the public know about the disabled, to receive advice from the public and also to advice the public,” said Daw Khin Tut Tut.

Public awareness is weak and both the government and private employers are still discriminating against the disabled, Daw Khin Tut Tut said.

Translation by Zaw Nyunt