Friday, August 18, 2017

Budget lodgings required for patients and attendants at Mandalay General

Land is an issue at Mandalay General Hospital, which needs to build budget lodgings for patients and staff, government officials told the regional Hluttaw on July 10.

U Myat Thu, regional minister for Planning and Finance, made the comment in answer to a question raised by Dr. Kyaw Oo, who represents Aung Myay Tharzan constituency No.2, at the sixth session of the second Hluttaw.

“There are more than 5000 people daily in the compound of Mandalay General Hospital, including over 1400 in-patients.

The facility needs treatment ward extensions and many more patient wards, as well as new equipment. There is no more vacant land in the compound of the hospital,” U Myat Thu said.

In-patients at the hospital include cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and their families, family members of traffic accident victims having neurosurgical operations and attendants for patients in the intensive care unit and for long-term bedridden patients, Dr. Kyaw Oo told the Hluttaw.

On average, 1450 patients come to Mandalay General Hospital each day. The poor and the middle-class have to depend on this hospital.

Since many people who came from remote areas have no place to stay, they sleep wherever they can in the compound, he said.

“When I discussed this with the hospital superintendent before, he welcomed the idea [to construct lodgings] as it is really a problem,” Dr. Kyaw Oo said.

However, because of drunkards, drug addicts and prostitutes, there is also fighting for places to sleep, pickpocketing, thefts, rental and sale of sleeping spaces, and criminal gangs, Dr. Kyaw Oo said.

Mandalay General Hospital is situated on 17 acres wide and has 15 gates. At night, the gates are watched by one officer and five guards, which isn’t enough to ensure security, he said.

Translation by Zaw Nyunt