Monday, July 24, 2017

Back from the dead: Mandalay girl escapes cremation

An official from Mandalay’s main cemetery has rejected a news report about a young woman who was incorrectly pronounced dead and almost cremated before her mother discovered she was still alive.

Monywa Times published the article on its Facebook page on Thursday, December 20 and requested readers to help the family, saying residents in their village did not want the young woman to return home because of superstitious beliefs.

“There was no such case here of a dead girl who came back to life. It is just a fake story. Before conducting any cremation we ask for official documents showing they are deceased,” U Min Min, the in-charge at Kyar Ni Kan cemetery in Madaya township, said on Thursday, December 20.

The report said the young woman was a university student. Her mother realised she was alive when she went to kiss her before she was to be cremated and noticed she was still breathing, the report said.