Saturday, July 22, 2017

Free clinic in Sagaing treats up to 40,000 patients

A charity clinic in Sagaing Region’s Yinmabin township has so far treated up to 40,000 patients, says its founder.

Shwesannwe Sayadaw Damadara Ahshin Wayamanandaka established the Shwesannwe Damadara clinic in Yinmabin’s Sinte Village in December 2009.

It has two permanent doctors and six nurses, while visiting teams of doctors also help out.

“It started treating patients since the construction of its building was started. We have brought a team of doctors here 11 times so far. On the opening day, 200 general patients, 80 dental patients and 32 surgical patients received treatment,” he said.

The clinic attracts residents from 90 nearby villages and treats up to 100 patients each day.

The sayadaw said he plans to expand it into a hospital but this will take some time to achieve.

“There are many requirements to meet to shift from dispensary to hospital. Now labour patients are being referred to Monywa hospital. We are trying to shift to hospital but have to wait for a while,” he said.

U Pho Maung, a 60-year-old resident of Sinte village, said the clinic has significantly improved the lives of the people of Sinte and the surrounding area.

“We are grateful to the sayadaw for opening this clinic where minor illnesses can be treated for free. It can fully take medical care of the native people,” said

The clinic costs about K200,000 to run and those interested in contributing can contact 09-203-5154 or 09-4027-46699.

Translated by Thit Lwin