Saturday, August 19, 2017

Rights commission to inspect IDP camps next week

The Myanmar Human Rights Commission will inspect Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps next week, according to MHRC vice-chair U Sit Myaing.

He made the statement after submitting a report to the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw on August 1.

“We planned to go to Namtu [in Shan State] but because security was not good, we didn’t get permission. Now security is better, so we are planning to go the IDP camps next week.” he said.

“We went to Buthidaung prison [in Rakhine State] and arranged for the rights of prisoners. We learned that prisoners got a chance to meet with their families,” he said.

The MHRC also trained the police in human rights and security in Kachin State and inspected Kachin prison. They also advised ministries on matters like education.

“3R literacy courses are available in some prisons. In prisons like Insein, prisoners are attending primary, secondary and high school. Some even take computer courses, and some are sitting for the metric exam,” he said.

Vocational training is being given to prisoners and will be detailed in the 2017 report, he added.

The MHRC received 150 complaints from 2016 to July 2017, with Yangon having the highest number, 50, and Kachin and Kayah states the lowest.

Forty locations, including nine prisons, five detention camps, 16 police detention camps, five court detention camps and five hospital detention camps were inspected, and interviews with prisoners were conducted in the presence of police.

National human rights commissions – of which there are 121 in the world – are classified by the UN as A, B or C, depending on the level of their compliance with international standards. As of May 2017, there were 78 ranked class A, 33 class B and 10 class C.