Friday, August 18, 2017

YCDC to introduce colour-coded rubbish bags

Yangon City Development Committee is introducing a colour-coding system for waste disposal, an official said last week.

From April 1, Yangon residents will be required to use different coloured bags for “wet” and “dry” waste products, said U Than Lwin Oo, head of the committee’s Department of Pollution Control and Cleansing.

Blue bags will be used for wet waste, including food, flowers and other kitchen refuse. Green bags will be for dry waste, including boxes, wooden products, glass, bottles and plastic.

“We found that it’s not a good idea to mix waste from the kitchen with other things,” U Than Lwin Oo said. “Public will be able to put out wet waste every day, while dry waste can be disposed of only on Wednesdays and Sundays.”

He said that YCDC had met plastic bag manufacturers in January to discuss the plan.

“Companies are producing those plastic bags now so we have enough in April. And they will distribute them with other plastic bags. Members of the public will be able to buy them easily at shops and stores all around Yangon,” he said, adding that they would come in two sizes and prices would be “reasonable”.

“We are going to give people six months to adjust to this system. After that, we will take action against those who throw the waste without using our standard plastic bags.

“Regular fines like K10,000 for throwing waste recklessly still apply during that period.

The system will initially be implemented in 33 of the 45 townships under YCDC.