Saturday, August 19, 2017

Loikaw General Hospital gets US$17m upgrade, courtesy Japan

Loikaw General Hospital in Kayah State has been upgraded with a US$17 million grant from the Japanese government, and now has two new buildings as well as new medical equipment.

Yuichiro Funai, first secretary from the Japanese embassy, said yesterday that the upgrade, which took two years, was completed in September last year.

He said the development assistance of K1.945 billion (about US$17 million) was provided by Japan International Cooperation Agency to support the health sector in Myanmar.

Loikaw General Hospital is the main hospital in the state and after many years of use had insufficient medical equipment and its buildings had deteriorated.

As part of the upgrade to improve the health standards in Kayah State, two new buildings were built and new medical equipment was installed, said Funai.

The hospital now has more than 10 departments, including an out-patient department.

The upgrading also included supply of electrical devices and transmission equipment, water pipeline system, medical gas system, ICT, air-conditioning, ambulance, surgical tools for the operating theatre, room heaters for newborn infants, patient monitoring devices and other surgical instruments.

The upgrading work started in March 2014. It was handed over to the respective authority yesterday.

Translation by Zaw Nyunt