Saturday, August 19, 2017

Rakhine NLD demands security for the people

Rakhine National League for Democracy (NLD) called on the Union Government and Rakhine State Government to provide effective security for the people from northern Rakhine.

The Rakhine NLD also urged the Union Government and Rakhine State Government to set definite policies by holding dialogue with Rakhine people as the violence happening in northern Rakhine harms the country’s sovereignty.

“People have been killed in northern Rakhine State. Violence has been occurred. There is no law and order,” U Myo Kyaw, member of Rakhine NLD Party Organizing Committee told The Myanmar Times.

“We want international organizations here to work fairly. Government should also do for law and order enforcement. That’s why we demand like that. And in this region, government personnel have been attacked while they are servicing. Attackers raid even border patrol stations of the border police forces and there is no assurance for people’s lives,” he added.

Six Kaing Gyi villagers were killed by attackers and their bodies with knife and gun injuries had been found by security forces when they were conducting an area clearance, according to the statement issued by State Counselor’s Office on August 4. Moreover, there are two more villagers have been missing.

Members of border guard force who are patrolling near Say Ti Pyin village, in Rathedaung township on August 4 were attacked.

The UN and international organizations which are going to conflict areas of northern Rakhine State must admire State’s sovereign and should be allowed within basic framework, Rakhine NLD said.

The Rakhine NLD invites all Rakhine races and the public in the whole Myanmar country to solve together the cases that happened in northern Rakhine.

In Maungdaw township attack of October 9, in 2016, nine border guard force members and five Tatmadaw members were killed. The attacks are continuously happening in northern Rakhine. These attacks were being made by the terrorists with the foreign monetary aids and weapons, the State Government issued in June.

Tatmadaw and the security forces found the caves on May Yu mountain (which made systematically) where the terrorists can stay in June. More than 40 Maungdaw residents were killed, four village administrators and 22 civilians were also arrested (or) lost since October attack, according to the statement about northern Rakhine State by National Security Advisor of the Union Government on June 1.