Sunday, October 23, 2016
The Myanmar Times
The Myanmar Times

Youth entrepreneurship competition to kick off in Yangon

Young would-be entrepreneurs are invited to learn about business in the Youth to Social Enterprise Workshop later this month at Yangon's MICT Park.

The most successful participants can win a cash prize, as well as entry to the Myanmar Social Enterprise Challenge competition on Friday, February 17.

U Myo Win, president of PS Business School, which is organising the competition, said:  “Social Enterprise means caring not only for the shareholders, but also other stakeholders like employees, the green environment and the community to get a win-win situation between profit-oriented and social activities. Many companies only look for profits without considering other factors. Social Enterprise is a way both to make a profit while undertaking social activities, and combining the pros of both business and social work,” U Myo Min explained to The Myanmar Times.

The two-day workshop will be taught on Sunday, December 23 and Sunday, December 30 from 9am to 5pm.

Applicants are limited to 100 students between the ages of 18 and 30 years.

The fee for the class is K10,000 and 10 candidates will be selected to compete for the scholarship on the basis of  an essay explaining why they are interested in the class and the scholarship.

Subjects to be taught include presentation skills, business environment, nature of social enterprise, social problems, business models and impact assessment.

The applicants for the Friday, February 17 competition are expected to write a business proposal, and will be divided into eight groups. Each group will be offered $100, with an additional $1000 for the first prize winner in each group, $500 for the second prize winner and $300 for the third.

Those interested in the workshop and competition should contact room D, third floor, Myaenigone Plaza or call (01) 500-533 and 09-4310-7150.