Friday, August 18, 2017

Deep relaxation

After weeks of dreary monsoon weather and feeling generally lethargic, the idea of being pampered at a day spa was more than just tempting.

Photo: supplied by Inya Day SpaPhoto: supplied by Inya Day Spa

At the time, I had been enduring cold showers at home, as many of us living in Myanmar must do. After leaping in and out of a stream of cold water for days on end, I was also feeling that I could do with a more thorough yet relaxing cleansing, so I finally made the decision to outsource my hygiene in full.

Choosing a Sunday afternoon at the Inya Day Spa, I booked in for the French Thalgo products “rebalancing” facial (K63,000) and a natural body mask treatment (K40,000). I’ve undergone a facial treatment many times before but it was to be my first body mask so I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

Arriving at the spa located on Inya Road (which it’s named after), I walked into a cool, calm sanctuary. The raindrops all of a sudden felt soothing and watching them bounce off the koi fish pond had a hypnotising effect. I skipped the Boost Juice bar where a range of smoothies are offered – mainly because I was so eager to start relaxing.

I started out with the body mask treatment, which involved a delicious smelling scrub made of rice, green tea and tamarind – a divine blend. Beware though: This is no time to be shy as I quickly discovered. Whereas I am used to having massages where the attendant offers a towel to cover up private body parts, the woman slathering me with the rich paste had no qualms about asking me to strip down, lift my arms up, bend my knees and erm, let her rub the paste across my chest. It was a startling moment that broke my reverie, but I quickly tried to get over the embarrassment and remember my mantra to relax.

This was just the first round of that “thorough” cleanse I had been chasing. After the initial scrubbing down and a shower, I was then covered in a deep moisturising cleanser and then shown into a sauna – which proved to be heavenly. For some reason, a hot, humid box seemed to be a thousand times more enticing than the hot, humid environment outside. Another shower later and I was covered for the third time in dark green mud and wrapped like a mummy in cling film.

While allowing the mud to work its magic, the facial treatment was applied. It was gentle but possibly not as soothing as it could have been because I was trying not to hyperventilate from a short bout of claustrophobia that ensued as my eyes were covered. That being said, I felt like a new woman after the experience.

My skin was soft and supple, I felt like I had just finished a bout of yoga without actually having to move and I’d discovered a newfound sense of empowerment – in Myanmar of all places – of being mature enough to have my breasts massaged by another woman without breaking into giggles. All par for the course, really.