Saturday, October 22, 2016
The Myanmar Times
The Myanmar Times

Myanmar, Korea to provide orthopaedic care for SEA Games

Athletes participating in the 27th Southeast Asian Games in Myanmar will receive orthopaedic care from the Ministry of Health and the Myanmar Medical Association in collaboration with a South Korean orthopaedics foundation, an official said last week.

Local orthopaedic specialists in conjunction with South Korean group Good Shepherd Hospital Foundation will provide care to local and foreign athletes who sustain bone and muscle injuries during the SEA games, Myanmar Orthopaedics Society president Dr Mying Thaung told The Myanmar Times on Tuesday, December 18.

Members of the Orthopaedics Society, which is under the MMA, and specialists from Good Shepherds will be on standby at venues in Nay Pyi Taw, Yangon, Mandalay and Ngwe Saung Beach during the games to provide care.

“We will allocate mobile teams to different venues at the competitions,” Dr Myint Thaung said.

“We will refer athletes who sustain severe injuries to Yangon General Hospital and North Okkalapa General Hospital, where our members will be able to provide operations,” he said.

Seoul-based Good Shepherd will provide equipment to the hospitals for the orthopaedic operations. Good Shepherd Hospital specialises in sports medicine, surgery and rehabilitation.

Because sports medicine is a relatively new field in Myanmar, Good Shepherd will provide monthly training to local specialists before the games begin on December 10, 2013.

“The medical universities in Myanmar do not teach sports medicine. It is not popular in Myanmar. But it is very important to teach this subject, especially when the sports sector is booming,” Dr Mying Thaung said.

“We are not only focusing on the SEA Games. We are aiming to improve sports medicine and sports surgery in Myanmar, using the games as a starting point.”

Myanmar will host the SEA Games for the third time next year and the games will include up to 28 different sports, according to the Ministry of Sports.

Athletes who participate in contact sports and sports that require physical strength are more prone to injury. Sports such as football, hockey and weightlifting can lead to knee injuries, sprains, strains, fractures and dislocations, Dr Mying Thaung said.

Myanmar has about 280 orthopaedic specialists but more modern equipment and training is needed to develop orthopaedic care, the society says.

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