Thursday, July 28, 2016
The Myanmar Times
The Myanmar Times

Tway Ma Shaung’s KO captures title

Tway Ma Shaung knocked out opponent Poe K in the first round of their bout on January 6 to capture the first division title in the Dagon Shwe Aunglan Tournament at Yangon’s Thuwana indoor stadium.

Tway Ma Shaung, a golden belt champion, stopped Poe K just two minutes into the match.

“I’m very happy with this win and would like to thank boxing fans for their encouragement,” said Tway Ma Shaung after the match.

The quick knockout left some fans disappointed with Poe K’s showing and perceived lack of effort.

“Before this match, Poe K was my favourite fighter but after this match I am really frustrated with his attitude towards the sport. I have no plans to see his matches in the future because he is not faithful to his profession,” said one fan.

The second division finale was a much more spirited affair. Two Two and Poe Thar Gyi battled in a brutal display that brought spectators to their feet.

Two Two delivered repeated kicks to Poe Thar Gyi’s face and head, but despite being visibly injured, Poe Thar Gyi hung in the fight until the final bell. Two Two won the match on points.

Junior kick boxers Ye Myint Aung and Myar Htut Aung squared off in the third division. Ye Myint Aung was victorious in the third round.

Three undercard matches saw Aung Thurain and Ye Yint Htun, Zwe Mg Mg and Thet Ko and Sulukar and Shan Lay Thay fight.

Aung Thurain was the only to emerge with a victory. The others ended in draws.

Two international boxers took on Myanmar opponents in exhibition matches. Htun Htun Min clashed with German boxer Philip, and former tournament champion Htun Htun fought Iranian boxer Ash Khanmantidarbi.

The Myanmar sides were victorious in both fights.

19 28 48
19 9 35
19 16 33
Zeyar Shwe Myay
19 7 32
19 13 29
19 2 29
Ayeyawady United
19 3 28
Zwekapin United
19 3 24
Chin United
19 -11 22
Rakhine United
19 -10 15
19 -24 13
Horizon FC
19 -36 6
Last Updated - 25 July 2016
Manaw Myay
19 50 48
19 21 45
Nay Pyi Taw FC
19 29 39
Mahar United
18 21 36
Myawady FC
17 20 29
Mawyawadi FC
19 4 29
University FC
17 -14 20
Dagon FC
18 -12 16
City Stars
18 -13 16
United of Thanlyin
18 -33 11
Silver Stars
18 -36 10
Pong Gan
18 -37 6
Last Updated - 25 July 2016